Thursday, May 15, 2014

Five Tips for Shopping at the Commissary

I recently saw this article from Army Wife 101 about tips for shopping at the commissary. I thought they were more of general etiquette tips, so I wanted to share my own tips of shopping at the commissary.
1. Keep your Military ID handy at check out.
The cashiers scan these now, so you need to have your ID ready at the beginning of your transactions. When you hand your ID to the cashier, also present your coupons so hey can look over the expiration dates while you load your groceries on the belt.
2. ALWAYS tip your baggers.
They work for tips only, so it is important to tip them, whether they just bag or bag and bring your items to your car. If you don't have the money or aren't planning on tipping, please tell them ahead of time so they don't bag your groceries for free, they won't appreciate that.
3. Some commissaries have dress codes.
I haven't actually encountered this myself, but I know some commissaries don't allow flip flops, ripped jeans, short shorts, etc.
4. For the love of Bob, don't go on Pay Day!
Everyone is broke until payday. It is the worst time to go! (This means the first and fifteenth and the day before, since most military members bank with USAA and they get paid the day before actual pay day.) I've gone on pay say on accident before. It's hard to navigate and he lines are much longer.
5. Please return your shopping cart to the cart corral.
It is rude not to, no one wants their car hit with a cart and it makes the person returning the cart's job so much easier when they are in the cart corral.
Bonus tips:
The commissary gives overages on coupons!
Remember, the commissary is only for people with commissary privileges. You could lose your commissary privileges if you shop for someone else or allow someone else to buy while scanning your ID.


  1. So, I saw that you pinned this and thought, "How does Brittany not know this stuff!?"

    Then I realized this was your blog. Durrr.

    1. Lol it is my blog! Not much here thoug.