Friday, May 16, 2014

ABU Rag Wreath

Good morning! I've finally gotten a new computer. It's sure been hard living without one for a week! I'm going to upload a tutorial to how I do one of my favorite wreaths. Here's the completed project.
These wreaths are SO easy to make.
About 1 yard of each fabric. I usually buy a yard and a half of each just to be sure I have enough, and usually have half a yard left over lol. I cut up an old pair of ABU pants instead of buying new fabric, and I didn't use the whole pair.
Mechanical Pencil/ knitting needle/ something long and pointy
14" Straw Wreath (I prefer straw over styrophome because I think it looks nicer and doesn't fall apart. You MUST keep the wrapping on.)
Price: ~$12.00 for this one. I usually choose fabrics that are 6.95/yard, and the pants were upcycled. The wreath is $3.99.

Step One:

Cut strips of fabric and then cut them into squares. After they are in squares, put the pencil in the middle and wrap it around.
Step Two: After the square is wrapped around the pencil, just push it in the wreath.

Easy, huh? I just eyeball where I need to put everything, and mix it all together. You could do a half and half wreath or one color on the inside and one on the outside if you wanted. I love these wreaths and they are so easy!

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