Friday, May 16, 2014

Book Wreath

Finally got this one finished today! It is HUGE.
1 14" wreath
Jodi Piccoult novel (JUST the right size)
Hot glue
Price: Wreath $3.99 Book: Upcycled, originally $12.00, but you can use any novel you'd like.

Step One: Fold the paper. This is how I liked it best.

Glue that together by putting a dot in between the pages on one end and leaving the other end open. Make sure you get it pressed well so it doesn't come undone.

Step two: Gluing the paper down. Glue them next to each other and then one covering the difference in between.

This is the back. It will look like this:
Step 3: Flip the wreath over. Fold in the paper about half an inch-an inch and apply glue. Place it very close to the last row and start applying like you did on the back, covering the entire wreath.

And that completes the tutorial! This wreath is big, I would suggest making a little smaller one.

To give credit where credit is due, this was not my original idea (although I wish it was!), I based this pretty closely off the tutorial here: 

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